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Automatic vertical FFS bagging system from tubular reel

  • Total automation of the bagging process
  • High bagging autonomy
  • Reduction on the operating costs, accelerates return of investment
  • Compact machine, reduced footprint
  • Clean design, without side guides neither other impediments in order to assure maximum accessibility and easy maintenance 
  • Maximum reliability throughout all the process. Absolute control over the bag during its forming, filling and closing
  • Optimum finishing of the full bag
  • Outputs up to 1.600 bags/hour depending on product’ characteristics and formats to handle
  • Bag’s transferring system by means of tilting arms
  • Impulse welding on the corner welding device
  • Patented unwinding system featuring a film alignment device
  • PE or other thermo-sealable materials from a tubular roll
  • Simple and user friendly HMI
  • Agro-feed: premixes…
  • Chemical & Petrochemical: Fertilizers, PVC, plastic granules…
  • Building & mining: Sands, gravel, salt, glass, frit…
  • Recycling: Biomass pellets, Shredded tyres, plastic granules…
  • Reel in-feed at 90º respect the bag’s exit
  • Integrated thermo-printing
  • Residual air extraction and/or inert gas injection
  • Forced cooling of the welding by refrigerated air
  • Anti-corrosive versions to handle highly aggressive products
  • ATEX versions for installation in Classified Areas