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Turning table stretch-wrapper

  • Savings due to optimized film consumption.
  • Elimination of the loose end of film from the beginning of the wrapping cycle
  • Quick and easy film roll’ change and film threading
  • Maximum flexibility and independence on the position of the column respect the turning table
  • Smooth, accurate and quiet operation
  • Allows wrapping down to the pallet
  • Avoids film lamination
  • Modular and compact machine, reduced footprint
  • Outputs up to 30 pallets/hour depending on pallet’s height, film overlapping and protection program
  • Column and turning table are two separate modules, without physical union
  • Electronic pre-stretch control, adjustable through the HMI
  • Continuous control of the film tension
  • Tilting system, pneumatically driven, to keep the initial end of film at a certain height
  • Film roll holder with auto-threading system
  • Double roping at the end of the wrapping cycle
  • Double welding system integrated in the turning table
  • Welding against counter-plate
  • 4 frequency inverters
  • Electric cabinet integrated in the column with full color HMI
  • Agro-feed: Seeds, cereals, cattle feed, pet-foods, premixes…
  • Foodstuff: Flours, semolina, ingredients, milk powder, cocoa powder, sugar…
  • Chemical & Petrochemical: Fertilizers, PVC, plastic granules…
  • Building & mining: Mortars, sepiolite, perlite, salt, glass, frit…
  • Recycling: Biomass pellets, Shredded tyres…


  • Top press to hold the top carton sheet on position
  • Different turning table sizes to adapt the equipment to each type of pallet
  • Anti-corrosive versions to handle highly aggressive products
  • ATEX versions for installation in Classified Areas