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Open mouth
1000 bags/hour

Automatic bagging machine type carrousel – 6 spouts

  • Total automation of the bagging process
  • Output optimization at the bagging point
  • Absence of remains and possible product contamination
  • Maximum accessibility for cleaning and maintenance tasks
  • Dust-free working conditions.
  • 6 spouts carrousel, disc and filling spouts manufactured in aluminum
  • High autonomy empty bags magazine by means of a belt conveyor
  • 3 product’ settling stations
  • Outputs up to 1.000 bags/hour depending on product’ characteristics and formats to handle
  • Open mouth flat-top or side gusseted bags made of paper or laminated PP
  • Oval shaped filling spouts with external clamp for total obturation
  • Bags’ top stretching and extraction set by robotic pincers
  • Dosing system by means of gravity, belt conveyor or auger screw as per product properties and output requirements
  • Simple and user friendly HMI
  • Agro-feed: Seeds, cereals, cattle feed, pet-foods, premixes…
  • Foodstuff: Flours, semolina, ingredients, milk powder, cacao powder, sugar…
  • Side gusseted bags’ handling system at the bags’ magazine
  • Integrated bags’ coding/labeling system
  • Integrated closing systems: heat sealing, stitching, pinch top
  • Product collecting system beneath the machine
  • ATEX versions for installation in Classified Areas