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Automatic bagger for valve bags with robotic placement arm

  • Total automation of the bagging process
  • Easy Access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Small footprint, optimizing the output and space
  • High flexibility allowing quick format changes
  • Clean and free of dust
  • High autonomy empty bag magazine
  • Paper valve bags
  • Output up to 600 bags/h
  • Product dosing by fluidization
  • Gross weight scale, including the spout weight in the measurement
  • Unique bags handling operation by means of the robotic arm  
  • Conical pre-opening system synchronized with the robot to guarantee the highest precision.
  • Multiple empty bags magazine.
  • Valve sealing by means of an ultrasonic wave’s emission mod. ILERSONIC.
  • Single exit conveyor, with format adjusting device 
  • Food: flour, starch, bakery additives and confectionery
  • Chemical and petrochemical: PVC, fine chemicals
  • Construction and mining: mortars, cements and minerals in general
  • 2 or 3 bagging spouts
  • ATEX versions for installation in Classified Areas
  • Stainless steel fabrications
  • Hygienic design specially made for the food industry
  • Automatic sweeping system for product recovery