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MIRAT- Complete bagging line for fertilizers, multiple bag sizes, from PE flat roll

Published: 05/05/2014


TMI has recently provided a complete bagging, palletizing and stretch wrapping line for the company MIRAT, whose producing plant is placed in Salamanca, Spain.

The installation is conceived to reach output of 1200 bags/hour depending on each format to be handed, ranging from 5 to 50kg.

Due to the corrosive characteristics of fertilizers, the equipment incorporates special components and treatments.

The installation consists of the following modules:

  • FFS bagging station from flat roll mod. ILERBAG VNG:  it incorporates a net weight scale and gravity dosing that unloads the dose to the bagging station. This bagging station incorporates, among many others, the following performances:
    • Carousel for quick change of forming tubes
    • Anti-corrosion kit
    • Side gussets forming device
    • Thermalprinting system in the roll, prior to the filling of the bag
    • Pivoting exit belt conveyor for easy access and maintenance
  • High level layer palletizer mod. ILERPAL H: with bags turning system by FLAP, bag conditioning by motorized top belt, motorized stops, and frequency invertors in the greater part of the actuators. It ensures the highest quality palletization for each specific format that is manipulated due to lateral and upper side compaction of the layers.
  • Turntable stretch wrapper mod. ILERGIR: independent system of column and turning table that allows saving space in its location. It has a pre-stretching by means of two motorized drums driven by two different inverters and a tilting system at the beginning of the cycle to avoid film the loose end.
  • Top cover sheet dispenser mod. ILERTOP: it has a robust chassis and telescopic film dispensing system. While the machine does not dispense film, the mechanisms remain hidden in a chassis, avoiding this way its exposure to aggressive environments (case of fertilizers, salt, soda, etc…) providing the system with greater durability with a minimum maintenance.


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