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Published: 31/01/2018


The company has recently participated in the "Saudi Print and Pack / Plastics & Petrochemicals" fair, specialized in the petrochemical sector. The fair represented high possibilities of closing new commercial agreements in the country

TMI has achieved important references in Saudi Arabia, covering this geographical area thanks to its representative in the area, the company ASIBEX. In order to increase and consolidate its presence, TMI has participated in the reference fair of the petrochemical sector, the "Saudi Print and Pack / Plastics and Petrochemicals", which has gathered in the capital, Riyadh, 17,000 visitors and 500 exhibitors from all around the world.

The show has certainly been productive for the company, which returns with several projects with high possibilities of becoming successful agreements. In addition, taking advantage of the trip, the representatives of TMI have visited different facilities of potential customers, to know in detail their needs.

The trip has also served to strengthen ties of collaboration between TMI and its commercial representative, ASIBEX.

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