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Categories: Industry news

Published: 17/04/2018


A group of baccalaureate students from Toulouse, France, visits the company’s facilities.

A group of students from the Lycée Emilie de Rodat, specialised in Business Management (in French STMG, Sciences et technologies du management et de la gestion), visited the facilities of TMI on the 13th April 2018. The aim of the visit was to learn about an international catalan company such as TMI, whose turnover on exports is over 70%, while they improve their skills in business Spanish.

During the visit the students have shown interest in key aspects such as the materials management, planning, stock policies, international means of payment and transports, technical service and the well-being policies towards the employees, among others. After a visit through the different departments of the company, the students could visit the manufacturing units where the bagging, palettizing and stretch-wrapping lines are assembled. 

It is worth pointing out that TMI, as a cutting-edge company, is always willing to support education: since 2007 more than 40 students from different Technical schools and colleges have carried out their internships in TMI. Thus, the ongoing training has become one of the keys for the company’s growth, and this is why TMI puts special attention on supporting schools by providing students with a wider view of the business.

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