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Categories: Industry news | Palletizers

Published: 31/05/2017


ILERPAL W is the new product that TMI is adding to its extensive catalogue; it is a high-production palletizer for open-mouth bags that require overlapping; it is capable of palletizing up to 1,400 bags per hour, depending on the mosaic and pallet height.

It has been baptized with the letter W because it is mainly designed for Woven Polypropylene Sacks (WPP). It is a load-bearing palletizer that stacks the sacks through a robotic clamp. It reduces kinematic movements as much as it incorporates a telescopic tape that runs together with the clamp, so that the tape delivers the bags directly to the clamp in its bag unloading position. This special characteristic increases the production of the palletizer, thus reducing the consumption of electricity.

ILERPAL W provides the highest stacking quality thanks to the overlapping of sacks with each other, in combination with the mobile platform and the conditioning of the 5 sides of the pallet, i.e. compacting by the 4 sides and ironing each layer.

Ilerpal W is also a compact machine, transportable in a container, is versatile because it adapts to any width of pallet and flexible in its use, as it can work with a range of sacks that go from 5 to 50kg without needing manual adjustment to the change the formats.

Although it was originally designed to palletize products difficult to stack, - such as potatoes or onions - ILERPAL W is suitable for working with any product and sector. In fact, the first copy of the new palletizer manufactured by TMI has been acquired by an important flour mill in the southern cone.

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