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Differential Values

Own design and manufacturing

A deep knowledge of the equipment and its corresponding applications, the result of over 40 years of experience handling solid products and their posterior packaging.

Standardization of components

Savings in operating costs. Optimisation in equipment operating costs by using the same components. Maximum compatibility and savings in the supply of spare parts. Efficiency and optimal use of technical assistance as it is unique and totally trained to service each and every one of the elements in the packaging line.

Guaranteed quality

Homologated and certified equipment.  A systematic quality assurance control and strict compliance with current norms regarding safety, metrology, anti-explosion and hygiene allow TMI to be present in the most demanding industries.


The success of a bagging line and bag palletizing implies having know-how about most of the solid products that will be handled. The TMI personnel have been in the bagging sector for over 40 years and this has allowed us to accumulate the experience required to successfully undertake any type of application.

Technical service

The TMI technical team has in-depth knowledge about the machinery as it takes part in the entire manufacturing process, from the first design phase to final assembly.

A large stock of spare parts allows us to give an immediate response to our clients’ needs, both from the TMI facilities and through our network of distributors. Remote tele-assistance system to carry out diagnosis and repairs immediately for our clients throughout the world.

Research, development and innovation

Right from the outset, TMI’s own technology has been one of the company’s main pillars.

A strong commitment to constant innovation, applying the most modern and efficient design tools, allows us to address complex projects with the utmost guarantee of success.

TMI has facilities that cover over 2300 m2 equipped with the most modern manufacturing systems, where automation takes precedence in order to carry out precise packaging, completely eliminating all possible errors.


The Etic code of TMI establishes the main values that executives and workers must apply in the accomplishment of his work. Suppliers must also comply this values in its relationship with TMI. This regulations concern the actions related to the industrial and intellectual property, the IT resources, the purchase - sale transactions or the own use of the ethical channel, among others.

Among other values, the company guarantees the wage equality between men and women.

Any person can directly address its consultations and doubts about TMI's Ethical Code or on any of his specific protocols to

 This e- mail address is also the channel to inform the person in charge of the Ethical Code about any behavior which violates this internal regulation.