TMI - bagging & palletizing
  • Output

    Up to 300 bags/hour

  • Product type

    Granules and pellets

  • Type of bag

    Paper, PP, PE, AL, with or without gussets

  • Automation level




  • Ease of maintenance: Its design has focused on maintenance, resulting in a non-complex manual bagging machine with maximum accessibility. 
  • A fast ROI on your bagging equipment: Thanks to the productivity of this manual bagging machine and its cost-effectiveness you can quickly recover your investment.  
  • Dust free working spaces: the open mouth bag holding system in the filling spout keeps it tightly closed during the filling process. Additionally, a dust collector module minimizes the accumulation of dust in the vicinity of the manual filling machine. 
  • Weighing accuracy: the ILERPES weighing control system, together with the mechanical design of the dosage, provides an accurate control on the final weight of product inside the bag. 
  • Ease of operation: The operator can use this semi-automatic bagging machine without prior technical training.  
  • Quick and simple installation, since the bagging machine can be screwed directly to the hopper or silo.  

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