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Who are we?

"TMI is a manufacturer of bagging, palletizing and stretch wrapping machinery.

But that' s not all we want to be:

We want to be your partner from the design process of your end-of-line installation, until the start-up is completed, in order to deliver turnkey projects that perfectly fit your company's needs.

We like challenges, and we use our knowledge and engineering skills to undertake complex projects with the maximum guarantee of success. We are pioneers and have a strong commitment to innovation, aiming to provide your complete bagging lines with the latest advances in industrial automation.

We believe in the value of solid relationships and, as your technological allies, we are constantly working towards improving and expanding our technical service network. That way we can offer you the best assistance when you need us.

Because at TMI we know what commitment means, and we want to be always by your side when it comes to your bagging, palletizing and stretch-wrapping machinery. "

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Our history

Past, present and future of our bagging and palletizing systems

  • Manel Padullés founded his first bagging machinery company in 1973. Later, along with Xavier Arderiu, who is part of his design team, they develop a wide range of solutions and so in 2000 they decide to start a new business project together: this is the moment when TMI is born.

  • TMI launches into exports with its first distributors in Eastern Europe, relationships that have remained solid until this day.

  • During the early years of its history, TMI focuses on palletising and stretch-wrapping. But then a major strategic change comes along: TMI decides to diversify its product, starting by creating what will be a wide range of bagging solutions recognized to date, such as tubular FFS bagging stations and automatic and semi-automatic lines for valve and open-mouth bags, for different sectors.

  • Our constant evolution and growth forces us to start a new era, expanding TMI with the opening of the new facilities.

  • Over the years, TMI has consolidated its position as a highly internationalised company, with references in more than 40 countries. Therefore it has been decided to expand TMI's borders to other continents by founding a subsidiary in Mexico: TMI LATAM S.L. These are changes and decisions that make TMI what it is today.

  • As references and sales grow, TMI also needs to grow structurally: our production capacity has doubled, and we have expanded our facilities by adding a new industrial building. This also marks the inauguration of the test laboratory: a pioneering unit in the analysis of the behaviour of products.

  • TMI celebrates its 20th anniversary, having developed a wide range of solutions for bagging, palletizing and stretch-wrapping of products from multiple sectors and thus achieving references worldwide. Internationalization is now one of the pillars of the company.

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