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Case Study


"...The palletising and stretch-wrapping systems are up and running. To date, some sequence errors and equipment faults (HMI, sensors, cables, VFD, software bugs) have been detected and reported...

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We plan to continue to use your services and equipment, both positively proven. Thank you for your high professional skills in the bulk material processing.

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Case study Global Mara Foods Pty Ltd

My company Mara Global Foods recently purchased an Ilersac L and Ilerpal H machine in conjunction with the upgrade of our flour milling operation. We chose these machines for reliability, accuracy...

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Corbion Purac España success

We have ended the campaign, your machine has worked very well and the managers and packaging staff liked them very much.

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Success of BASF - The Chemical Company

TMI obtained a professional response to the needs we propose in its day. The teams operate perfectly and we are satisfied with the service offered.

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