TMI - bagging & palletizing
  • Output

    Up to 35 big bags/hour

  • Type of packaging

    Big bags 1 and 4 handles, Octabines

  • Product type

    Granules and powders



  • Hygiene: its design prevents product remains in the filling lines, thus avoiding contamination between cycles, as it also allows an easy and quick cleaning process.  
  • Longer durability of components and easier maintenance, thanks to the use of flexible filling tubes instead of traditional telescopic systems. This system also allows the filler neck to tilt. 
  • Maximum ergonomics for the operator, thanks to its height adjustment capacity, its tilting filling spout and its mobile hooks for big bag fastening.  
  • Dust-free working spaces: the pneumatic filling spout avoids product leakage during the filling process, preventing the accumulation of dust in the vicinity of the big bag filler.   
  • Optimised productivity: a single operator can handle the ILERBIG H big bag filling station, from the positioning of the big bag, to its evacuation. Optimal ergonomics reduce the cycle time for manual placement of the big-bag. 
  • Stability: the lifting of the whole system during the big-bag filling process combined with the bottom vibration allows for better product settling, while centering the big bag on the pallet.  
  • Flexibility: it handles 4-handle and single-handle big-bags, on pallet or directly on conveyor belts. 
  • Control: The double weighing signal reception system ensures that the weight of the big-bag is controlled at all times, either when it is held in the air or when it is supported on the pallet.  

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