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30 bags/hour

Hygienic big bag’s filling system

  • Maximum ergonomic working position for the operator
  • Absence of product leakage on the eight adjustment elements
  • Dust free working conditions
  • Productivity optimization with one single operator
  • Absence of product remains avoiding cross contamination possibilities
  • The elevation of the filled big bag assures a better settling of the product as well as its centering on the axis of the pallet
  • Optimal weight control thanks to its double signal reception system
  • Outputs up to 30 big bags/hour depending on product’ characteristics, formats to handle and cadence of the operators
  • Dosing system by means of gravity, belt conveyor, auger screw or others as per product properties
  • Gantry type chassis
  • Hydraulic lifting system, allowing to lift the filled big bag
  • Double weighing system, on the hooks and on the bottom’s platform
  • Automatic height adjustment, flexible food-grade system
  • Tilting filling spout to ease the placing of the big bag
  • Linear guided hooks to enhance ergonomics
  • Operator’s access platform with presence control and protections
  • Weighing controller homologated under MID regulations, Class 0.2
  • Agro-feed: Seeds, cereals, cattle feed, pet-foods, premixes…
  • Foodstuff: Flours, sugar, milk powder, cocoa powder, starches, ingredients…
  • Chemical & Petrochemical: Fertilizers, PVC, fine chemistry…
  • Building & mining: Mortars, cements, frit…
  • Recycling: Biomass pellets, Shredded tyres…
  • Anti-corrosive versions to handle highly aggressive products
  • Special versions for food industry and hygienic environments
  • ATEX versions for installation in Classified Areas
  • Automatic pallets in-feed and automatic evacuation of the full pallets
  • Big bag’s bottom vibration
  • Blowing turbine to inflate the PE in-liner