TMI - bagging & palletizing
  • Output

    Up to 2600 bags/hour

  • Product type




  • Sustained high performance: The mechanical cycle of the high speed FFS reaches up to 3000 cycles/hour free of sudden movements and vibrations.
  • Reduced downtime, through the complete automation of all settings, which allows to reach high speed bag production. 
  • Optimisation of packaging consumption: the product settling system in the bag improves the performance of the tubular reel, achieving optimum filling volumes that will later be translated into better palletisation and over-wrapping. 
  • Energy saving: The drives of this FFS bagging machine are equipped with an energy recovery system in the deceleration phase, which is immediately diverted to other mechanisms with demand. 
  • Ease of operation: This high speed FFS machine enables recipes to be recorded for each product and bag format. This way, the operator can select previously configured recipes that will be automatically adjusted. 
  • Maintenance savings: the materials used in this high-speed bagging machine have been specially selected to be maintenance-free for several million cycles. 
  • Smooth and precise movements during the bagging process. This translates into inertial control and a prolonged life of all components.
  • Ease of maintenance: the technical approach of this machine provides a clean design and easy access to its inner parts. By removing guides and barriers this is one of the most accessible FFS bagging machines in the market.
  • Accuracy: Weighing systems and high speed flow controls achieve the desired productions while maintaining the accuracy levels accepted in the industry.

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